Monday, 26 October 2015

Show Not Tell

Tell: The boys were excited.

Image result for scared person clipartShow: The boys were at the BMX skate park. They were doing backflips and amazing ollies and they were mildly thinking that "Cool" but most of all they were overwhelmed by the ultra mega high ramp. It was the most highest bmx and scooter ramp in the northern region and waikato New Zealand had ever seen. I was shaking in my boots, well my shoes but I was shaking in them alright. My friend came up behind me and talked to me... Only he made it worse he said "don't worry this is only the highest ramp in the northern region". Now not only was i shaking but i was biting my nails! I gathered all my strength and courage and went up. Once I got to the top i slipped, I closed my eyes hoping i wouldn't crash... but i didn't it suddenly became really fun! i loved going down and up and down and up over and over again it was realising that it was just a dream I knew i had to wake up some time and
any way i knew I would be late for school because i always am. So
i reluctantly pinched myself I woke up and thought what an "uprising"dream!
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